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Knife Making Tutorials: Lessons to get you started.

NEW!!! Ray Rogers Liner Lock Folder Tutorial
Knifemaker Ray Rogers was generous enough to allow me to post this great instructional from his website. Be sure to check out his website and his blade gallery located here. His knives are quite beautiful - especially the liner lock folders.

NEW!!! Great Knife Tutorial List [link will open new window]
Dan Gray of Gray Knives has had this list up for awhile - why I'm just getting around to adding it is anyone's guess.;-) It's an awesome "go to" for those interested in building a variety of knives. Thanks Dan!

NEW!! Cheapskate Knife Tutorial
This tutorial is presented as an alternative to those of you who want to build your first blades from scratch. This lesson involves minimal cost and minimal tools. It's not much for finesse but it'll get you moving and thinking about the knifemaking process in no time flat! Step by step pictures are included.

Slip Joint Pocket Knife by Chris Crawford
A few years ago, as I was first getting into the art and appreciation of knifemaking, I desparately sought out as much knowledge as I could on the internet, as I didn't know any professioal knife makers personally. I was not disappointed. This tutorial was drafted by Chris Crawford and is reprinted here with his permission. Be sure to check out his website and custom knife gallery at [link will open new window]

On a side note, I revisited Chris and his techniques after purchasing his knife making DVD, "How to Build a Scale Release Automatic". [link will open new window] I highly recommend this DVD to beginning knife makers interested in building your first folder. It gives a great overview of the mechanics behind this kind of knife construction. Thanks Chris!

Knifemaking Videos by Center Cross [link will open new window]
Center Cross has the most comprehensive video library in all of knifemaking. I personally own the video on filework and it was worth every penny! C.C. Instructional Videos also cover topics such as hollow gringing, damascus and basic metalsmithing, which can be difficult to find good, solid instruction. Buy from a company that reall cares about their product.

A DIY Guide to Making the Perfect Hunting Knife
This knife making tutorial was written from the perspective of the beginning knifemaker. It's a great step-by-step guide to constructing your first custom hunting knife using a knife making kit. I'm sorry there are no pictures however, it's a good read for anyone interested in picking up a kit. Check out my knife making kits page - it's a great place to start if you don't have thousands to spend on millers and grinders! This is definitely the best knife making tutorial for "average guys" like me! ;-)

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