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Custom Hunting Knives

Custom hunting knives can be your handiest tools when you're out hunting. These custom hunting knives are in specialized forms and materials , made specifically for gutting and skinning your kill, for filleting, and for other hunting tasks. And since they're custom hunting knives, you can have them made in any way that suits your personality.

Advantages of Custom Hunting Knives

Not only are custom hunting knives made to suit you, but they are usually of a much better quality than other knives. The knifemaker pays attention to each custom hunting knife as he makes it. Blades of custom hunting knives are individually selected and attached to handles, and you can even have your custom hunting knives weighted just for you. There are few things that feel as good in your hand as a well-balanced custom hunting knife.

Custom hunting knives do take a bit longer than regular prefabricated knives. Since each is individually crafted, you may wait for over a year for your custom hunting knife. If you need a knife right away, many custom hunting knife makers also sell premade knives, either models that did not sell or custom hunting knives he made for shows or for other people. With a pre-made custom hunting knife, you'll have all the advantages of the individual attention of the custom hunting knife maker, as well as being able to get your custom hunting knife quickly and probably at a better price.

How To Buy Custom Hunting Knives

Be certain you know exactly what you want when you purchase a custom hunting knife. You're going to spend a lot of money on it, so you need to know exactly what you're getting. Your custom hunting knife should take into consideration your purposes for purchasing it as well as your personal tastes, and your custom hunting knife should be balanced for your hand (if you're purchasing from a person face to face).

   * For more on Custom Hunting Knives, check out the new DIY Hunting Knife Tutorial by clicking here.

You can find custom hunting knife makers online, and often in your own home town. If you prefer a face to face custom hunting knife maker, check at bait shops, gun stores, and taxidermists. Many of them will know local people who make custom hunting knives, and often the local custom hunting knife maker is the proprietor of that store. If you look for custom hunting knives online, seek out custom hunting knife makers who have won awards and for whom you can find testimonials. The best custom hunting knife maker is the one your best friend bought his amazing knife from.

How To Spot A Well-Made Custom Hunting Knife

The best reference for custom hunting knife makers is using the blade itself; short of that, the best reference is a testimonial from someone you know. There are a few things to look for that will tell you how well a custom hunting knife is made.

  • Does the custom hunting knife have a perfect sheen, yet easily cut through a sheet of paper held up with your fingertips? A good-quality custom hunting knife will hold a high polish and also hold a razor-sharp blade; you should be able to shave with it.

  • Does the custom hunting knife feel smooth and balanced in your hand? After using the custom hunting knife for a minute or so, does your wrist feel any tiredness? A well-balanced custom hunting knife will reduce the amount of work your wrist has to do, which reduces your weariness and, if you have carpal tunnel or any kind of joint disease in your hand, it will also protect you from further damage.

  • When you shake the custom hunting knife, does it feel “wiggly” at all, or does it feel like it's one well-bonded piece? Properly-made custom hunting knives feel as if they are carved out of one substance, all in a block.

  • What can your custom hunting knife maker tell you about the blade? Your custom hunting knife maker should be able to tell you the type of steel he used, how he made the handle, and any drawbacks to the blade due to its make or components.

  • Is the price too good to be true? Your custom hunting knife should set you back at least a hundred dollars. If you're getting it for less, then you should question whether the custom hunting knife is really all the maker says it is.

    The most important question to ask when purchasing a custom hunting knife is, of course, do you like it? If you don't like it, custom hunting knives cost way too much to blow money on them.

    Regardless of your purpose for wanting one, custom hunting knives are an investment, and you should treat them as such. Be willing to wait months for your custom hunting knife, be ready to pay what it costs, and you'll be able to make a sensible decision about buying a custom hunting knife.

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