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Welcome to Knife Making Supplies

For the beginning knife maker, its important to start with quality knife making supplies in order to build a blade that'll last a lifetime.

Knifemaking can be difficult if you rely on trial and error. (I found this out the hard way.) I built this site to help the beginning knife maker learn the basics the right way, as well as to share new knifemaking techniques for more advanced builders.

Although I built this site as a resource for all knife makers, it is primarily geared toward knife making beginners. With this site, it's informative articles and our newsletter, you'll learn about knifemaking blanks, stock removal, damascus steel, knife blanks, heat treatment, grinders, knife making kits and instructions for knifemaking among many other things I'll be sharing with you.


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I have also been on a real writing binge lately and have added a dozen or so new pages of information on not only knife making but knife owning and shopping. I've included alot of hard to find facts on the history of knife design and how to spot the best for your next knife purchase.

Knife Art custom knives
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I've also just added an exclusive reprint of Chris Crawford's Slip Joint Pocket Knife tutorial. This is a perfect step by step for those working out of their garages. This will teach you how to build your own custom pocket folder using basic tools and solid fundimentals. You'll only find it here folks!

Also check out Chris' line of instructional knife making DVDs. I have personally purchased the Scale Release Auto DVD and it's great! I highly recommend it. Check it all out at his website, Chris Crawford Knives. [link will open new window]

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Knife Making Beginners
Read this before building your first knife. Remember to start small to "sharpen" your skills, but always have fun!

Knife Making Basics
No, you don't have to spend a fortune on tools - in fact, you may already have the proper tools just lying around. Get started here!

Instructions for Knife Making
Here's an instructional overview of the different methods employed in knifemaking. I've also included more resources to help you get cookin.

Knife Making Tutorials
Check out this ever-growing list of custom knifemaking tutorials. These instructionals take you through every aspect of your new knife. More are being added every month so be sure to bookmark this page!

Cheapskate Knife Tutorial
This tutorial is presented as an alternative to those of you who want to build your first blades from scratch. This lesson involves minimal cost and minimal tools. It's not much for finesse but it'll get you moving and thinking about the knifemaking process in no time flat! Step by step pictures are included.

Slip Joint Pocket Knife Instructional
Check out this exclusive reprint of Chris Crawford's slip joint pocket knife tutorial. It's a great step by step for those who don't have the cash for expensive milling machines and grinders. This is your first start to building your own custom folder.

Do It Yourself Hunting Knife Tutorial
There are no pictures, but this is a great instructional on how to build your own custom hunting knife from a knife making kit.

Hunting Knifes For The Gramatically Challenged
This is the same tutorial however, I placed an alternate version of the page on the site when I noticed so many search engines sending traffic based on "hunting knifes". I just figured I'd make it easy for people to get here. ;-)

Knife Making Supplies
Depending on your purpose, quality knifemaking supplies can be found anywhere. Here's a step by step guide to finding what's best for your new custom knife.

Knifemaking Books
Here's a great list of knifemaking books that are not only helpful to the beginner knifemaker but are fun and informative for any knife afficionado interested in recognizing and collecting quality custom knives.

Commercial Knives
Most of these commercial knives are mass produced, but that's not to say that they're inferior to custom blades. Some of these are the most sought after knives in the world.

Pocket Knives
Most of us received our first pocket knife as a kid. Learn a little history as well as who makes the best and where you can buy or make your own!

Case Pocket Knives
W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company has been around since the early 1900s and is now owned by Zippo. Case pocket knives are some of the most popular in the world.

Schrade Pocket Knives
In October of 2004, Imperial Schrade Knife Company was sold to Taylor Brands LLC, home of Smith & Wesson. Most of Schrade's inventory was purchased by Smokey Mountain Knife Works. These are also very popular pocket knives.

Gerber Knifes
Gerber Legendary Blades manufactures folding knives, the famous Vietnam combat dagger, and today, following Joseph Roman Gerber's 1987 sale to Finnish knife and scissors manufacturer Fiskars, the very popular Multi-Plier, a multi-function tool.

Swiss Army Knives
Swiss army knives are not exclusive to the Swiss army today, and nor have they ever been, really. Everyone and their sister can own one, and probably does. They have many uses, and buying one entails choosing the right one.

The Bowie Knife
Discover the beginnings of the Bowie Knife - Named for it's original designer, Jim Bowie. Who smithed the first Bowie knife? Find out why this American icon became so famous among knife carriers and enthusiasts.

Anatomy of a Fixed Blade Knife
Every piece of a knife has a specific name. Check out this brief tutorial of terms used to identifyall the parts of a fixed blade knife.

Japanese Kitchen Knives
Japanese culture has very specific knives for very specific uses. Some of these knife designs are literally thousands of years old. GO back in time and learn about these intriguing blades.

Knife Making Kits
A quality knife making kit is the perfect way to begin. You'll get no better understanding of a knife's anatomy - very important when it comes time to design your own custom knife.

Knife Blade Blanks
The blade is the most important part of any custom knife and you have many choices. New and stronger alloys are being created all the time.

Damascus Knife Blanks
Damascus steel makes beautiful knives. A good blank will produce an awe-inspiring blade. Learn more about this ancient artform.

Knifemaking Technology
A quick overview on the technologies used in knifemaking. In this section, I'll be including tips on tools like grinders and heat treating your blades.

Custom Hunting Knives
Whether building or buying, here are some things to look for when searching for your perfect hunting knife. Tip: Insist on quality - a great custom hunting knife is an investment.

Western Folding Knives
Also called pocket knives, these are the most advanced knife design. I've included the different types as well as care instructions here.

The KA-BAR Fighting Knife
This 7 inch fighting knife has been carried into battle by US Marines for decades. Find out how this fighter got it's very peculiar name.

Knife Making Links
Our little directory of knife-related links as well as reciprocal links to those webmasters that were kind enough to link to us!

The Knife Web Guide
Information-Resource Portal - Your gateway to knife, sword and cutlery information.

Outdoor Survival Kits
Learn more on the subect of survival techniques and survival equipment.

Hardening and Tempering of Knife Blades
Proper hardening of your knife steel is one of the most critical steps in completing any custom blade.

How To Sharpen a Knife
If you have a favorite knife and you keep it fairly sharp, you should be able to put an edge back on the blade in less than five minutes. Sometimes, in less than one minute!

Knife Blade Shapes and Part 2
There are more blade shapes than we're going to get to in just one article. For example, the cotton sampler is a variation of the popular sheep foot blade, and I don't suppose anyone wants to carry a knife with a castrating blade!

Knife Steel Basics
This is a two-part article on the variations of knife steels available to the typical knifemaker. This includes profiles of stainless and high-carbon steels.

The Rockwell Hardness Scale
Many knife manufacturers indicate the Rockwell hardness of their knife blades. This measurement indicates the hardness of the steel used. It is commonly referred to as the Rockwell C Scale or RC.

Types of Knife Handle Materials
Knife handles come in so many different materials, that it would be impossible to name every type. Here are a few of the more common ones.

Homemade Dog Treats
John Miller, professional dog fancier, has the secret to premium dog food. In fact, he has premium dog food down to a science with 245 recipes to tickle your dogs fancy.

Belt Grinders
Your belt grinder is one of the most important tools in your knifemaking workshop. Here's what to look for in yours.

Buck Hunting Knife
The Buck Hunting Knife Company is an American classic cherished by collectors worldwide.

Kershaw Knives
Kershaw is a worldwide company producing everything from multi-tools to lock back folders and sharpeners too.

Crafting a Knife Handle
Knife handles are an important part of the knife making and knife using experience. The handle makes or mars the use of the knife.

Folding Knives
Typically called pocket knives, folding knives add an extra layer of complexity for the beginning knifemaker. Explore some of the most common varieties in this report.

Schatt and Morgan Knives
Schatt and Morgan or "Queen Cutlery" has been in existence since 1895. They produce collector grade fixed and folding knives. Check out this company profile.

Obsidian Knife Blades
Made from volcanic glass, Obsidian knife blades carry special characteristics not found in other art knifes.

Stock Removal - A 2 Part Series
They say it takes a moment to learn but a lifetime to master. Read this primer on the stock removal method before starting your first blade.