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Obsidian Knife Blades

Obsidian is the volcanic glass that occurs naturally when a volcanic eruption cools. This consists of mainly silicon dioxide. This naturally occurring glass sometimes looks like granite. It is sometimes dark in color depending on the type of volcano eruption. This is used for making tools like knifes. These are used in tools and these tools are used for decorative purpose only. Although these tools can cut it is mainly used as a collectible.

The knives produced with obsidian are usually unique and it cannot be found anywhere else. Hence the value of such obsidian knife is higher than the other types of knife. Deer antlers are used to hold the obsidian blade that is handcrafted. The handles are cut to size and are prepared to be smooth. Epoxy resin is used to secure the obsidian blade to the handle. The obsidian blade can be sharpened to the user's requirement. It can also be made blunt. The user has to request for the kind of edge they require in the obsidian blade. The knives made with this obsidian are art pieces. There is no guarantee given to these obsidian knife blades.

There are different kinds of obsidian knife. These can be differentiated with respect to their handle also. Long handled and short handled obsidian knife are available in the market. The short handled obsidian knife costs around $50 and the long handled costs around $75. The decoration done to the handle depends on the manufacturer of the handle. Some of the handles are decorated with turkey feathers. A leather decorated sheath is also given along with some of the obsidian knives. The short antler handles are also decorated with gemstones. The obsidian blade that is used in these knives could be 2 1/2 inch or 3 inch. Wooden handled obsidian knives are also available in the market. 3 inch and 2 _ inch obsidian blades are used in the manufacturing of these wooden handled obsidian knives. Side bladed obsidian knife is also available.

Obsidian knives are sold in many websites. Some of the popular websites that sell these obsidian knives are and These pages give you an image of the obsidian knives that is on display in the website. A small description on the knife is also given. The dimensions of the obsidian are also given in these websites. These images are different when you compare them with other knives that come in the collectible category. The handles for these obsidian knives are different and they are chosen to match that of the obsidian that is used. Different materials are used for the handles and usually they are chosen to match the blade. If you like an obsidian knife that is displayed in these websites you can purchase them directly from the website using the shopping cart available in the website. You can buy them just like you purchase your goods in other ecommerce websites. You can use you credit card to buy these collectibles.

Some of the popular models of the obsidian knives that are on display in these websites are Black Obsidian ULU knife, Damacus Obsidian Knife with Base, Obsidian Boot Knife, Black Lace Obsidian Skinning Knife, Double Bladed Fantasy Knife, Triple Flow Obsidian Skinning Knife, and the Obsidian Neck Knife. The other models that are displayed in this site include Indian Head Nickel Obsidian Knife, Large Cody Obsidian Knife, Obsidian knife with matching arrowhead and the Gray Fox Ear Obsidian knife. The price of these obsidian knives are in the range of $55 to $60. It depends on the type of obsidian that is used and the work that is done on the antler handle. Obsidian Knife with Carved Antler Handle and Variscite Inlay and Obsidian Knife with Carved Bears Head cost around $200. This is because of the kind of work that is involved in creating this masterpiece. The minute work that is involved in the antler also contributes towards the cost of the obsidian knife. If you buy two or more pieces of these obsidian collectibles then you may also get a discount that is displayed in the website. Do check the price list for the discount applicable on a particular model. The cost of the obsidian knife displayed in the website includes the shipping and the handling charges also. You can also place your order through the order form available on the website and send your payments via check or money order. This enables you to get your piece reserved while your payment is on the way to the manufacturer.

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