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Knife Making Supplies
Learn about knifemaking blanks, stock removal, damascus steel, knife blanks, heat treatment, grinders, knife making kits and instructions for knifemaking.

  • Titanium Plate Titanium Plate and Titanium Sheet in a wide variety of grades and specifications.







  • Knife Depot


















  • :::::::::: RALPH TURNBULL CUSTOM KNIVES ::::::::::


  • Camacho Knives
    CAMACHO KNIVES - Para você, adepto da arte da cutelaria, interessado no mundo das lâminas, ou apenas curioso sobre o assunto, nosso site pretende informar, apresentar produtos e manter-se como referência da antiga prática de produzir facas.
  • Chris Reeve Knives - Optimum Quality, Optimum Performance
    Chris Reeve Knives - Optimum Quality, Optimum Performance
  • index.html
    Quality handmade custom knives by Mike whiskers Allen

  • R. Coon - Damascus Steel - Handmade Knives
    Damascus Steel for Sale. Hand made custom knives specialzing in Damascus steel.
  • Schiller Knives

  • Welcome to
  • ", Here it is, Custom Made Knives from some of the best Custom Knife Makers from all over the world with Hand made sheaths art Knives hunting ...
    custom hand made Knives from Knife Makers of all parts, This is where the Deals are made, from the makers themselves at
  • "Rutledge Custom Knives, hunting knives,skinner knives,collectible knives,paring knives,caping knives,handmade leather sheaths,Canadian handmade, knives,"
    Rutledge Custom Knives,hunting knives,skinner knives,collectible knives,paring knives,caping knives,handmade leather sheaths,Canadian handmade knives
    Your site for handcrafted knives, made with the very best materials and attention to detail. Handmade custom knives, hunting and damascus steel knives...
  • ...:::Doggett Custom Knives:::...

  • ...:::Reese Weiland Knives:::...
    Reese Weiland Custom Knives and Custom Kraft Knifemaker Supply: Specializing in Folder Parts...
  • ...:::SRJ:::...

  • ...:::Velarde Knives:::...

  • ...:::Warenski Knives:::...

  • .:: The Custom ::.
    The finest in Custom knives and Forged knives, in Fighter styles,Hunter styles, and Folder styles, both in Damascus and other great Steels by the leading Knifemakers and Knifesmiths in the Cutlery world, on one great Knifesite!
  • A Spresser Stag Grips Home Page

  • A. G. Russell Knives: The Knife Authority Since 1964 - Your Source for Knives and Knife Accessories
    The Knife Authority Since 1964
  • Abel Knives and Miniatures

  • Acker Forge - The artifacts of tomorrow
    Acker Forge - Visit the homesite of Dana Acker, metalsmith. View high detailed image galleries of available custom hand-made knives, primitive weapons and forged jewelry. Excellent site with great information and graphics. If you like unique artistry, this site is for you. Voted "top artist site" by Custom Knife Directory and it's community members.
  • Ancient Edge | Purveyors of Fine Historical Arms and Armor
    We offer a wide range of Swords - daggers - axes historical weapons & japanese samurai weapons
  • Anderson Custom Knives

  • Andre Thorburn Custom Knives

  • Antique guns and collectible guns from The Roosevelt RoomThe Roosevelt Room

  • Arizona Creative Edge Art - Southwestern Jewelry and Gifts
    Southwestern Art and Gifts featuring Original Sterling Silver Jewelry, Collectible Knife Art, and Sculpture.
  • arizona custom knives - knives and wholesale knives
    Our company specified in knives, and also wholesale knives and pocket knife. We also are proud to offer a highly regarded selection of wholesale knives,pocket knife,hunting knives,switchblade knife,bowie knife,automatic knife,custom knife,knife sharpener,survival knife,utility knife,folding knife,emerson knife,tactical knife,microtech knife,collectible knife
  • Art and Knives from Maihkel eklund
    On my site, you will find one of a kind custom knives, scrimshaw, engraving, photo and art
  • ASP tactical baton source
    ASP Baton, the full line of tactical Batons and accessories, leverage cap, low prices, defense and safety, Scabbards
  • BAFknifeworks
    Wyoming made custom knives,produced one at a time from bone, leather, wood, and various steels
  • Balkan Handmade Knives - Collectors' Preferred Knife Catalog offers handmade knives made by one of the most skilled artisans in Bulgaria. His pieces can belong to hunters' bags and collector's walls at the same time! All knives are individually designed and have a hand-forged, stainless steel or streling silver blade (some with serrated spine), a sculpted deer horn handle with a stainless butt, a belt-looped leather sheath bearing unique Balkan folk carvings and the artist's own stamp to authenticate the maker, the country of origin, and the year it was made.
  • Bardsley Custom Knives

  • Bear Bone Knives
    A knifemaker of superior custom knives

  • Bethel Ridge Forge News

  • bienvenue sur le site de Charles Roulin

  • Bill Keller - Knife Maker - San Antonio, Texas

  • Black Squirrel Interiors - Antiques, Classic Furniture and Sporting CutleryBlack Squirrel Interiors - Antiques, Classic Furniture and Sporting Cutlery
    Black Squirrel Interiors offers antiques, fine art, classic furniture and a fine selection of sporting cutlery created by masters in the crafting of custom and production knives.
  • BladeArt, Inc.
    The Custom Edge on the web. Custom made knives and swords, hand painted chess sets and other curiosities.
  • Bladesmiths Inc./ Kramer Knives/custom kitchen knives
    Bob Kramers handmade kitchen knives/custom kitchen knives.
  • Blanchard Custom Knives - Investment Quality Handcrafted Knives
    cutlery gifts collectibles
  • Blinding Light Knives
    Custom knives and restoration services provided by Don Polzien.
  • Bob Neal Custom Knives : Custom Knife Dealer
    Welcome to Bob Neal Custom Knives. Since 1982, my love for this fine edged art form has helped me to cross many paths in the knife business. In this time, I have developed relationships with countless makers and other industry professionals which have culminated in a deep devotion to the craft of knife making, and what some have said to be a keen eye for value. the knives you'll see on this web site are currently in-stock and ready immediate shipment.
  • Boehlke-Messer und mehr
    Herstellung von handgemachten Messern als Unikate, Repliken mittelalterlicher Waffen auf Bestellung. Handmade knifes, rebuilds of ancient weapons on order.
  • Boehlke-Messer und mehr
    Herstellung von handgemachten Messern als Unikate, Repliken mittelalterlicher Waffen auf Bestellung. Handmade knifes, rebuilds of ancient weapons on order.
  • booysen Custom knives

  • Bowie Knife Custom Bowie Knife Folding Bowie Knife Hunting Bowie Knife
    Custom knives including Bowie knife, custom Bowie knife, folding bowie knife, and huntin Bowie knife
  • bowie knives custom knifemaker kitchen military stellite knives knife store canadian
    George Tichbourne offers bowie knives custom kitchen hunting military folders stellite 6K canadian gifts
  • Bowie Knives from Stefan Aberg
    On my site, you will find one of a kind custom knives, bowie, dagger and scandinavian knives,
  • Bradleys Blades
    I started making custom knives in 1988 and became a full-time knifemaker in April 2002. I endeavor to create high quality knives using the finest materials and time-proven construction techniques. Each knife is handcrafted by me. All natural handle materials are stabilized. The blades are ground from bar stock from a variety of steels ­ my preference at this time is BG42. I also use other materials such as damascus and mokume made by other makers. I am a member of the Texas Knifemakers & Collectors Association, and a 2003 probationary member of The Knifemakers Guild.
  • Brian Lyttle Custom Knifemaker, Bladesmith, Instructor
    Brian Lyttle custom knives; engraver; scrimshander; bladesmith; Damascus steel; bowies, daggers, dirks, sgian dubhs, folders, tantos, carving knives
  • Brian Tighe handmade Custom Knives, Specializing in Folders
    Top grade Folders, LinerLocks, Automatics, Tacticals, pearl / ivory grips, titanium, damascus
    knives ,hawk,swords and cuttlery ,damacuse
  • Bud Nealy Knifemaker: Acclaimed Knifemaker of Custom, MCS System and MASS System Knives.

  • Buffalo Waller Knife Works - Custom Hand Made Knives
    Beautiful, world class handmade knives. Cherokee made with antler,horn, buffalo bone and wood handles. Lifetime guarantee.
  • made custom folding & straight knives
    Welcome to burke knives,custom handmade Utility, Tactical and Hunting knives. E-mail with any questions.
  • Cactus Custom Knives - Odessa, Texas - Custom knives made at the finest prices
    Cactus Custom Knives features the finest quality custom knives you will ever see.
  • Campbell Custom Handmade Knives of Alaska and Idaho.
    Fine Quality Knives at Affordable Prices! Campbell Custom Handmade Knives.
  • Carlsbad, New Mexico

  • Carved Ivory and Damascus Dagger

  • Casteel Custom Art Knives, Daggers, Folders, Bowies, Fighters, Push Daggers, Miniatures, Swords and Fantasy
    Doug Casteel and Dianna Casteel make all types of custom knives including Daggers, Folders, Bowies, Fighters, Push Daggers,Miniatures, Swords and Fantasy
  • CELTIC KNIVES by Clifford Shirley

  • Chandon Knives

  • Chuck Stapel Knives - Exquisitely Handcrafted Knives
    Legendary Knifemaker Chuck Stapel offers his spectacular one-of-a-kind knives for sale on the internet!
  • Classic Guns and Knives, collectible, antique, custom, hand made blades and firearms
    Classic Guns and Knives offers the best value for collectibles, antiques, one of a kind firearms and knives.
  • Clint Knives

  • Cold Springs Forge, Knives by Marvin Solomon
    Cold Springs Forge Knives by Marvin Solomon - A maker of custom designed knives.
  • Cumming Knives
    Cumming Knives--Robert Cumming produces quality using knives and museum quality presentation knives of many sizes and patterns, using the finest materials and craftsmanship.
  • Custom bowie knives, damascus knives, skinning knives, knife sheaths, handcrafted knives
    custom bowie knives, damascus knives, skinning knives, knife sheaths, handcrafted knives, bowie knives, handmade knives, custom hunting knives, collectible knives, tactical knives, survival knives
  • Custom Handmade Forged Knives
    Handmade Forged knives. Bowie, Skinners, Art, Utiliry, Miniatures, Survival. Materials and Methods. Buy finished knives, or have the knifemaker custom build yours
  • Custom Handmade Knives by Ernie Grospitch
    Custom knives,handmade,hunting,fishing,lockback, folders,Bowies,kitchen buddy,pathfinder,cleavers,hatchet
  • Custom Handmade Knives by Pat Crawford
    Custom Knives, Handmade Knives, Custom Handmade Knives, Crawford Handmade Knives, Crawford Custom Handmade Knives, Handmade Custom Knives
  • Custom Knife - Custom Knives - Knife Legends - John Young, Handmade Knife, Japanese knife
    KnifeLegends is the web's finest source for investment quality, hand-made, custom folding and fixed blade knives, created by the world's greatest artists.
  • Custom Knifes by J.McClure

  • custom knives and engraving by Rick Eaton

  • Custom Knives by John Fraps
    CUSTOM KNIVES, Custom knives Handmade, Custom knives with damascus blades, damascus steel, damascus bolster, S30V steel, Custom knife, Custom Handmade Knives, KNIFEMAKERS' GUILD, Custom Pocket Knives, Custom Folding Knives, Custom FOLDERS, ABS, BLADESMITH, Cutlery
  • Custom Knives by South River Knifeworks

  • Custom knives from Gary Levine Fine Knives
    Custom knives from the best knife makers and rising stars specializing in handmade custom folding knives
  • Custom knives, Damascus, swords, daggers and axes forged by mastersmith Steve Schwarzer
    Custom Damascus knives,swords and axes forged by mastersmith Steve Schwarzer. This site is dedicated to the craft of bladesmithing, handmade knives and swords.
  • Custom Knives, Rifles and Scope MounAccurizing, scope mounts and gun smithing by McCann Industries
    Custom knives like the Puffin Magnum and the Talisman, and rifle conversions like the MAS 49-56 conversion or the .338 Garand hunting rifle.
  • Custom Knives, Rifles and Scope MounAccurizing, scope mounts and gun smithing by McCann Industries
    Custom knives like the Puffin Magnum and the Talisman, and rifle conversions like the MAS 49-56 conversion or the .338 Garand hunting rifle.
  • custom_sheaths_home
    Hand made custom leather knife sheaths by Bob Schrap. Scabbard or Pouch styles with various options for customization.
  • cutlery
    Top Searches for cutlery, united cutlery atlantic cutlery chicago cutlery
  • Cutsforth Knives, Machetes, and Axe

  •® is back! - Cutting Edge® is back!
  • Cyou Online Auction

  • D'holder

  • Daniel Winker, Master Bladesmith

  • Darcey Knives: Finest Quality Hand Made Knives
    Custom Hand Made Knives made only with the finest quality components. Folders, fixed blades, will build a knife to suit your needs.

  • Dervish Knives

  • Dick Atkinson Custom Knifemaker handmade hunting skinning tactical folding knives
    Dick Atkinson a custom knifemaker in Wausau Florida offers custom handmade hunting skinning tactical folding knives & machined micarta pistol grips made in his shop
  • Doc Hagen Custom Knives
    dochagencustomknives - Doc Hagen Custom Knives
  • Don Fogg Custom Knives
    The craft of bladesmithing featuring articles on the forging, heat treating and finishing of custom knives, swords and daggers. It features a gallery of custom knives.
  • Dove Knives, Artistry in Damascus
    Dove Knives, Artistry in Damascus. The finest custom knives in Damascus Steel crafted by Steve Rollert of Keenesburg Colorado
  • DUEL KNIVES - for Hunting, Fishing, Chefs
    Duel Knives - The Hunter,Fisherman and Cook's choice for a reliable blade.
  • Eight Dollar Mountain Foundry

  • Elishewitz Custom Creations
    Allen Elishewitz makes the finest custom knives, titanium watches and handmade pens. Collectors from all over the world seek after his works of art.
  • Emerson Knives
    Emerson Knives Inc. - the #1 Hard Use Knives in the World
  • Entrek USA knives combat utility

  • Exquisite Knives
    A knife collection showcase by mastersmith Dave Ellis. Custom and art knives for sale. Knife articles, features and general info.
  • Fine Art Knives by Dellana
    DELLANA, bladesmith. Fine one-of-a-kind art knives made from the finest materials such as high kt golds, platinum, sterling and pure silver, and fossil ivories
  • Fine Art Knives by Van Barnett

  • Fine Handmade Custom Knives by Artist Jay Fisher, Knives, Swords, Daggers, FoldingKnives, Photography, Sculpture, Novelist, Author
    Artist Jay Fisher, Custom Knives, Swords, Daggers, Folding Knives, Knife, Writer, Photographer, High Art Knife
  • francine etchings
    Francine etched knives in Dendritic Steel, made by knife maker J.P. Holmes, exquisite knives with an extraordinary edge, etching designs by francine, david boye, dendritic steel
  • francine etchings
    Francine etched knives in Dendritic Steel, made by knife maker J.P. Holmes, exquisite knives with an extraordinary edge, etching designs by francine, david boye, dendritic steel
  • Frederick Knives

  • Gallagher Custom Knives - handmade custom folding knives
    I'm Barry Gallagher, ABS bladesmith. I make one-of-a-kind, handmade, investment-grade straight knives, folding knives, and art knives out of composite bar and mosaic Damascus.
  • Gatherwood, messen / knives.
    Gatherwood's Knifeshop, Hand made knives, materials and knives from all over the world. Gatherwood's messen winkel, handgemaakte messen, materialen, en messen van over de hele wereld.
  • Geoff Hague - knifemaker

  • George's Custom Made Knives Home Page
    CUSTOM KNIVES, KNIFEMAKERS' GUILD, KNIVES, FOLDERS, BLADESMITH, HANDMADE KNIVES, Cutlery, Damascus Steel, Knife, Knifemaker, Forge, Forged, Bowie,Tactical, Custom, Bladesmith
  • Glendo Corporation
    Engraving, hand engraving, power engraving, western engraving, engraving shcool, engraving classes, engraving coarse, gravermax, gravermate, gravermeister, system 3, power hone, accu-finish, gun drill sharpening, wood carving tools, gun drill, diamond wheels, grinding, sharpening, tool sharpening, pneumatic power tools, hand tool, jewelry tools, jewelry equipment, air compressors, benchmate, rotary handpiece, microscope, ball vise, gun engraving, knife engraving, jewelry engraving, engraving training, bench grinder, glendo corporation, emporia kansas, simons, air tools, rotary tools, automotive machine shop, sharpening fixtures, grind-r-table
  • Gold Mountain Forge

  • Griffin Custom Knives :: Precision Folders and Automatics - The official website for full-time professional custom knife maker, Rendon Griffin. Specializing in custom hand-made automatic and lock-back folding knives. View detailed images of automatic and classic folding knife designs at this site.
  • Griffith Custom Tactical knives

  • Guild Knives : Collection and available custom knives from Don Guild
    Guild Knives - Visit the website dedicated to the personal custom knife collection of Knifemaker's Guild Honorary Member, Don Guild. View extremely rare and currently available custom folders, autos, fixed blades, art knives and tactical knives from this impressive and well photographed collection at
  • Halligan Knives
    Ed Halligan is the inventor of the KISS knife a , Member Knifemakers Guild ,and a ABS Mastersmith . He makes everything from Art Knives to Tactical Knives. All knives on this site are Ed Halligan , Kiss Engineered . Any Knife pictured is available . This is the new Halligan Knives Site.
  • Hand Crafted Cowboy Collectibles - Antique Knives - Indian Artifacts
    BH & T enterprises - cowboy collectibles, silver mounted spurs, indian artifacts, antique knives, gun engraving, hand crafted antiques & reproductions, custom light fixtures,
  • Handgefertigte Messer und Schwerter aus Meisterhand
    Handgefertigte Messer und Schwerter aus Meisterhand.
  • Handmade Custom Knives, Hendrix Knives

  • Handmade Custom Knives,Swords,Reasonably Priced,Carving, Engraving.
    Handmade Custom Knives with Carving and Engraving by Knifemaker Ken Wolfe. I make my knives by hand with no mills or machine shop equipment. Special Engraving or Carving is also done by me.
  • Handmade Knives by R.K. Stevens

  • Handmade Knives, custom, hunting, kitchen. Highest quality and a fair price.
    Knives - custom, handmade, hunting, skinners, bird and fish, filet, kitchen, utility, and more.
  • Harley's Lonesome Pine Knives and Hawg Hunts!
    Best in award-winning custom damascus and woots knives! Wild Boar hunts with blades! Time proven tactical knives! Classes in bladesmithing knives, tools, and edged weapons!
  • Harvey J

  • Harvey King Knives

  • Hawk Designs


    Knives, Training, Machines, Supplies
  • HermanKnives
    knives,interframes,engraving,gents,folders,daggers,pocket knives,collecting,hand engraving,blades,ats34,damascus,art,artist,investing,custom knives,blades,blade
  • Himalayan Imports / BirGorkha Khukuri (Nepal)
    hand-forged Nepali khukuris (Gurkha knives), kukri, khukuri, katana, katar, swords and other knives & blades
  • Hoffman Knives: Available custom knives from the Walter Hoffman collection.
    Hoffman Knives : Home site of custom knife and art knife collector, Walter Hoffman. Honorary member of the Knifemakers Guild, the Hoffman Knives website is a display center for custom knives currently available directly from the Hoffman collection, including art daggers, presentation folders and automatics and many fixed blade and tactical custom and highly collectable knives.
  • Home

  • Home

  • Home of Slobodian Swords

  • Home of the Baddest DA/SA Knives on the planet!

  • Home of the Double L Hoof knives
    The Double L Hoof Knives utilizes both modern and ancient exacting heat treating technologies, learned from extensive experimentation to obtain outstanding performance.
  • Home Page

  • Home Page

  • Home Page
    Poythress Custom Knives, quality, custom, handcrafted knives that are beautiful, functional, and affordable
  • Home Page

  • Home Page

  • Howard Hitchmough welcomes you to Knives of Distinction

  • Independence Custom Cutlery
    Independence Custom Cutlery assures that the handmade custom combat knife and tactical knife styles will fit the needs of a soldier. These knives will not let you down when it matters most.
    The worlds top purveyor in fine custom knives offers the best selection of handmade knives on the internet. View available custom knives by the industrys top knife makers. Secure Online Ordering - Immediate Delivery.
  • index

  • Index

  • index

  • index

  • Index
    AvR Knives. A homepage for collectors and users of handmade knives. You'll find here exclusive folders, intergals, razorblades etc.
  • Intro

  • intro2

  • J W Smith Knives

  • Jørn Jensen Lærhandel

  • J. DeWitt Knives

  • J.A. Harkins Custom Knives
    J.A. Harkins Custom Knives. Contemorary Folding Knives.
  • J.P. Miller Damascus Knives

  • Jack Busfield - Knifemaker

  • Jensenknives - Custom Knives and Art Knives: John Lewis Jensen Custom Knivemaker Mainpage
    Jensenknives/Magnus Design Studio: John Lewis Jensen - Custom Knifemaker Mainpage
  • Jerry Corbit Custom Knife Homepage

  • Jerry Fisk

  • Jerry Hossom Custom Knives

  • Joe Pardue Handmade Knives Texas, Custom Made Knives Texas, Collectable Knives Texas
    handmade knives texas, custom made knives texas, collectable knives texas
  • Joel Chamblin

  • John C. Ownby Handmade Knives

  • Johnny Stout - Custom Knifemaker
    Johnny Stout's fine quality custom handmade knives for the user and collector. Classes in knifemaking and bladesmithing!
  • Joseph Szilaski Custom Knives and Tomahawks
    Fine Handmade Knives and Tomahawks by Knifemaker Joseph Szilaski
  • Kain Custom Knives, Custom Damascus Art Knives, Custom Knife
    Maker of fine art knives utilizing exotic materials and unique damascus. Art pieces range from manual and automatic folders to unique fixed blades.
  • KARLSSON KNIVES - Handmade knives from Sweden
    Knifemaker Tony Karlsson - handcrafted quality knives in the scandinavian tradition. for collectors,hunters and outdoor people
  • Keen Edge Knives, The Leading Edge in Training Knives for Police, Military & Martial Arts
    Keen Edge Knives specializes in the manufacture and sale of highest quality Aluminum Training Knives for Police, Military & Martial Arts.
  • Keith Bagley Custom Knives

  • Kemble Custom Knives
    Knives custom made by Jay Kemble
  • Kentucky Internet Service Provider - Provider of Broadband DSL and High-Speed Wireless Connections and Dial-Up Services in Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701

  • Kerr Knives Home Page. Hand Crafted Quality Knives
    Kerr Knives. A catalog of custom made knives by a Canadian maker
  • Kevin Wilkins: Handmade Knives from Berlin

  • Kit's Knife Album 1973-2003

  • Knife Corner a portal for custom handmade knives knife related web sites & forums
    Knife Corner a portal devoted to all things pertaining to knives, knife collecting, custom knifemakers, publishing and hosting knife related web sites
  • Knife World Publications
    Knife World Publications - publishers of Knife World magazine, covering collector, antique, antiques, factory, commemorative, handmade, custom, and military knives; straight and safety razors; knife collecting, use, shows, news, and classifieds. Publishers of and dealers in cutlery reference books of all kinds.

  • Knives For Sale

  • knives | Find it here at
    Get knives information, Shopping information, Shopping - General information at, including related links and much much more
  • a cutting edge internet resource....

  • Knivmakeren i Bergen: home

  • Knivmaterial frÃ¥n Nordellknives
    Här hittar du allt du behöver för knivmakeri
  • Laramie Knifeworks

  • Laroche Gallery - Fantastic Art, Fantasy Knives, Knife Maker
    Custom knives and fantastic art by Jean-Marc Laroche, sculptor and knife maker
  • Laurence Segal Rhino Knives - Custom Handmade Hunting, Culinary & Collector Knives Main Page

  • Lee Ferguson Handcrafted Knives :: Custom designed by Lee & Linda Ferguson
    lee ferguson handcrafted knives knife woodcarving wood carving hand crafted custom linda ferguson lee ferguson handcrafted knives knife woodcarving wood carving hand crafted custom linda ferguson lee ferguson handcrafted knives knife woodcarving wood carving hand crafted custom linda ferguson lee ferguson handcrafted knives knife woodcarving wood carving hand crafted custom linda ferguson lee ferguson handcrafted knives knife woodcarving wood carving hand crafted custom linda ferguson lee ferguson handcrafted knives knife woodcarving wood carving hand crafted custom linda ferguson
  • Lerch Custom Knives

  • Les couteaux forgés de Joël Becker

  • LifeKnives: Knife & Sword Jewelry

  • Lightfoot Knives

  • Livingston Telephone

  • Lone Wolf Knives
    Working closely with some of the very best custom knife makers in the world, Lone Wolf Knives has developed some very exciting semi-custom knives. They are sure to please a wide variety of knife enthusiasts. Lone Wolf knives are created using high-grade steels, natural and manmade handle materials and just the right blend of modern equipment and old-world craftsmanship. The end result is a knife that its owner can be proud of. Our knives are both beautiful & functional and will provide their owners with a lifetime of enjoyable service.
  • Lunn Custom Knives - Visit the website of Larry & Gail custom knife makers, both members of the Knifemakers' Guild, who build handmade, one of a kind folders.
    Custom knives for custom knife lovers, collectors and purveyors

  • Main page for Ernie Lyle a Custom Knifemaker from Chiefland, Florida
    Main page with welcome to the web site of Ernie Lyle a custom knifemaker from Chiefland, Florida.
  • Marker Custom Knives
    Australian custom knives for user and collector
  • Mastersmith Dave Ellis
    Dave Ellis: California's first ABS mastersmith. Custom Knives.
  • Matherton Forge
    Welcome to the Matherton Forge Home page, Kevin Cashen, Master Bladesmith,Hubbardston, here you will find info on... Swords, Damascus, Forge, Matherton, Knives, Rapier, Bowie, Hunters, Pattern Welding, Steel
  • Max artigiano coltellinaio home page, knifemaker, coltelli, lame, blade
    Sito di Max artigiano coltellinaio con descrizione ed immagini dei coltelli costruiti, delle tecniche,degli acciai e dei materiali usati, knife-links e servizi sulle novità del settore e sugli show di coltelli
  • McDonald Knives.comMcDonald
    Welcome to Here you will be able to find out about nearly all the knives I am currently making and information on how you can order them. Below I have included a little information about me.

  • McKnife

  • McLurkin Custom Knives

  • Messermacher Jockl Greiss
    Der Messermacher Jockl Greiss fertigt Unikate unverwechselbaren Stils.
  • Messerspitzl
    Der Messermacher aus Kirchseeon bei München stellt seine Klingen vor.
  • Miami Nice Knife custom handmade knives by the best custom knifemakers
    Miami Nice Knife offers custom handmade knives from some of the most well known custom knifemakers in the world. High end, one-of-a-kind custom knives are our only business.
  • Michael J. Smith Custom Knives
    Michael J. Smith Custom Knives: One of the world's finest knifemakers...
  • Mike Dilluvio Custom Knives: Welcome

  • Mike Snody Custom Knives - Precision & Performance
    Mike Snody has a special appreciation for Japanese utility and personal defense knives and displays it through an uncommon attention to detail in the execution of these designs. See high detail images and the complete gallery of high performance custom knife designs on display . View available Snody custom knives at this superb site.
  • Milan Pokorný - noÂzíø, výroba noÂzù

  • - Custom Hunting Knives - Handmade Hunting Knives.
  • Morrow Custom Knives - Custom Handmade Folding Knives
    Welcome to Morrow Custom Knives. My name is Don Morrow and I build custom, handmade folding knives. My business rests on my reputation. Therefore, each knife I build is of the highest quality workmanship and materials. Because I am committed to constructing only the finest quality knives, I devote as much time as needed per knife to ensure my customers receive the best quality knives possible.
  • Mother of Pearl Company Inc: Your #1 Exotic Material Supplier

  • Moulton Knives : Custom Knives by Dusty Moulton
    Moulton knives is the personal homesite of Award Winning Custom Knifemaker, Dusty Moulton. View images of Dusty's work in high resolution and order available custom knives through this site.
  • - All about
    Look no further for your blades, and
  • New Page 1

  • Nibelungenschmiede

  • Nolen Knives -Master Knifemakers Since 1968
    NOLEN KNIVES are designed and made with the serious hunter in mind.Our most important objective is to make a knife that will give you a lifetime of service.
  • Nordic Knives
    Nordic Knives, established 1971, Solvang, CA. Leading retailer of Custom and Randall Knives. Full line cutlery store with top brand-name products. Featuring the West Coasts Premier Knife Show
  • Nordische Messer und Messermacherzubehör - an der Via Claudia
    VIA CLAUDIA Messermanufaktur - Klassische Messer in nordischer Tradition - Zubehör für Messermacher
  • NoÂzíøství Otakar POK

  • NT3-

  • ohare knives - Custom Handmade Knives
    OHare knives quality custom knives, owned and operated by Sean O'Hare. Each knife and sheath we make is handmade to last a lifetime.
  • Olszewski Knives
    Custom Knives
    Pat Pattersons Fine Quality Custom Handmade Knives for the sportsman and collector. Handcrafted to perform for a lifetime, then destined to be a family heirloom.
  • Patton Knives : Handmade Custom Knives by Dick and Rob Patton

  • Persuader Knives
    Persuader Knives handcrafted by Howard Hill in Polson, Montana.
  • Pete's Tactical Knives
    At Pete's Tactical and Custom Knives we stock custom and production folders and fixed blades, both tactical and traditional. Knives such as Chris Reeve, Mission and Both production and custom Microtech.
  • Peter Martin Knives

  • Philip Booth Knifemaker

  • Pinoy Knife
    Hand made knives from Pinoy Knife
  • Pioneer-Net | Douglas County's Oldest Internet Provider


  • Preferred Edge Wood Carving Knives and Tools - Maple Ridge BC Canada
    Wood carving knives used by artists around the world and many BC Native carvers. All knives, chisels and tools are hand-made made by Michael Komick.
    Buy, Sell,Trade,Consign in Custom, Handmade & Vintage Collectible Knives
  • PVKNIFE.COM ENTER - Pioneer Valley Knife & Tool

  • R. G. Epting - Custom Knives
    Fine custom knives by Richard Epting, for both collectors and users.
  • R.J. Martin Custom Knives :

  • Rade Hawkins Custom Knives
    Top award winning custom knifemaker offering handmade folding knives, hunting knives, damascus steel and exotic material collectors knives for purchase online. Owned by custom knife collectors worldwide...
  • Rade Hawkins Custom Knives
    Top award winning custom knifemaker offering handmade folding knives, hunting knives, damascus steel and exotic material collectors knives for purchase online. Owned by custom knife collectors worldwide...
  • Radharc Custom Knives Home
    Custom handmade knives by a custom knifemaker, hand forged Damascus and fine cutlery steels, with exotic hardwoods
  • Raker Knives & Steel

  • Randall Collector
    Collector will buy/sell/trade knives, especially Randall Knives. Also uniforms, patches, medals and insignia of US Marine Corps.
  • Randall Knife Society

  • Randall Knives, Randall Fighting Knives, Randall Made Knives are featured here
    Randall Knives bought sold traded and apraised
  • Randall Made Knives
    Learn how these world famous, custom collectors, handmade sheath knives are designed and forged creating blades of the hunting, military, camping, fishing, bowie, outdoor and various cutlery styles. Tips on knife care.
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  • Rick Ward, Authorized Dealer of Randall Made Knives
    Rick Ward, Authorized Dealer of Randall Made Knives and Bill's Custom Knife cases, Randall Knives Dealer, Authorized dealer,Located in Atlanta, GA.
  • Ripi Knives

  • Rob Brown Knives :: Home Page

  • Robert A. Duncan Custom Made Knives & Swords Home Page
    Robert A. Duncan has over twenty years experience as a Custom Knife & Sword maker. Shop is in Tampa, Florida USA.
  • Rocket Knives Fine Custom Handmade Knives-Since 1978
    Custom handmade knives since 1982, Rob Davidson - Knifemaker in Central Texas of automatic, folding, tactical and fixed blade knives
  • - All about
    Look no further for your , and
  • Ruana Knives
    As Ruana Knife Works, Inc. enters the new millennium and the ebusinsess era, Ruana Knives are still handcrafted in the small shop where Rudy Ruana began forging out blades over 60 years ago.
  • Rudy Knives
    Making knives, swords, axes and other edged weaponsof any style, using any available correct steel, including my own pattern - welded stee Damascus
  • RW Wilson Training

  • Santa Fe Stoneworks Online

  • Sawby Custom Knives
    Sawby Custom Knives builds custom folding knives with patented locking mechanisms. I use a wide variety of steels and other natural and synthetic materials in the construction of my folding knives.
  • Scotia Metalwork
    Fireworks Splice HTML
  • Scottish Sgian-dubhs - Home Page
    Scottish designers and manufacturers of quality staghorn and hardwood handled Sgian-Dubhs and dirks
  • Scrimshaw by Faustina-  The art of Handcrafted Scrimshaw and Acid Etching

  • Scrimshaw, Fossil Walrus Ivory, Mammoth Ivory, Gold Jewelry
    Featuring the work of scrimshaw artists, raw fossil ivory, carvings, gold jewelry, and custom knives.
  • Search Directory Page

  • Search Directory Page

  • Sheffield Supply Catalog

  • Shinosky Knives

  • Signity - Genuine Gemstones and Created Stones
    Signity is the leading distributor for precision cut genuine gemstones and created stones worldwide.
  • Simonich Knives: Clancy MT

  • St. Amour Handcrafted Knives


  • Stan Wilson Custom Knives - Hand crafted one knife at a time.
    Custom Handmade Knives by Stan Wilson linerlock folders and fixed blades
  • Sterling Custom Knives, Mt. Airy, NC
    Sterling Custom Knives
  • Steve Dunn - Handmade Custom Knives and Engraving
    I'm Steve Dunn, ABS bladesmith. I make one-of-a-kind, handmade, investment-grade straight knives, folding knives, and art knives out of composite bar and mosaic Damascus.
  • Stingray Leather Products
    Stingray leather products including stingray mens wallets, stingray womens wallets, stingray womens purses, stingray belts, stingray skins, exotic toad and kangaroo products, stingray checkbooks, and stingray accessories.
  • Storch Knives
    Maker of knives; Stock removal and Damascus; Knife tools; Classes; Symposium host
  • Custom weapons & self defense accessories.
    SZABOINC. Martial arts training utilitarian purposes. knives & accessories for rock climbing, aviation, sky diving, and self defense.
  • T R Overeynder Custom handmade knives engraved with intricate patterns
    T R Overeynder high quality custom handmade knives some with sculpted metal work most with very intricate engraving by the likes of Ray Cover Julie Warenski and scrimshanding by Linda Karst-Stone
  • T.A. Davison Custom Knives
    Providing custom folders, pocketkmives, fixed blade knives, custom filework, filed guns, hand polished blades,high quallity, hollow ground, bowies.
  • Tactical knives, custom knives, kydex, aimpoint, fighting knives, integral knives
    tactical knives, custom knives, kydex, aimpoint, fighting knives, integral knives, combat knives, military knives, handmade knives, knife sheaths, red dot sights, tactical pocket knives
  • Thak the Blacksmith &Armourer- Ontario, Canada
    Offering various levels of blacksmithing, swordsmithing and armouring courses, blacksmith supplies, medieval armour and rentals, LOTR replica armour, custom wrought iron railings, gates and decor.
  • The Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife

  • The Official Ken Onion Knives Website

  • The world of Pardue Knives, custom knives by Joe Pardue, custom knives by Mel Pardue and a new collection of high end collectable knives by Mel Pardue
    A custom knifemakers site showcasing the talent and beauty of the handmade knives and collectable knives of the first father-son custom knifemakers on the internet.
  • Tim Britton Hand Made Knives
    Custom Handmade Knives by Tim Britton a custom knifemaker from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  • TJT Custom Knives

  • tonyhuffmanknives

  • Treeman KnivesTreeman Knives
    Treeman Knives offers a selection of fine knives at fixed prices from dealers with a verifiable history of integrity.
  • Treiber Knives Home

  • Trompeter & Ritchi
    Artgallery Trompeter und Ritchi. Handgemachte Messer, Gemälde, Scrimshaw. Handmade Knife / Knives, Paintings, Scrimshaw. Von t&r (trompeter & richi). Verkaufsausstellung, Commercial Exhibition und Shop.
  • True North Knives : Neil Ostroff : Custom Production Knife Purveyor
  • Under Construction

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  • Valois Knives Home Page

  • Virginia Custom Cutlery
    Hand-made hunting, fishing, and utility knives custom made to order.
  • W.J. Pollock :: knifemaker

  • Warren Osborne Custom Knifemaker custom handmade presentation grade art knives
    Warren Osborne a custom knifemaker living in Waxahatchie Texas offers handmade presentation grade art knives some made with damascus steel
  • webtitlepage

  • Welcome to Arcadian Forge Knives
    Arcadian Forge Custom Knives are innovative variations on traditional designs.
  • Welcome to Carolina Custom Knives!
    Expert craftsmanship and imagination sets these hand-crafted knives apart. 44 years combined experience makes Carolina Custom Knives tops.
  • Welcome to Dempsey Knives
    Dempsey Knives - The premier custom knife site
  • Welcome To Gray Knives, Hand Made Knives By_Dan Gray
    Gray Custom Knives & D G Gray & Sons,, I make custom art knives folders and Sheaths,, you have an Idea you want made? I do it all the time see me
  • Welcome to Hibbenknives! |

  • Welcome to KNIFE HOUSE Custom Folding & Fixed-blade Knife Made by KOJI HARA
    Knife House Hara
  • Welcome to Krause Publications
    Publisher of magazines, books and shows for collectors, outdoor enthusiasts such as deer hunters and craft enthusiasts. Krause's periodicals and books include price guides and catalogs that track the value of coins, old cars, sports cards, firearms, comics, stamps, toys, antiques, records, militaria and collectibles.
  • Welcome to Legler Knives
    Online catalog of fine handcrafted hunting knives, folders and cutlery, all at affordable prices!
  • Welcome To NCKnife Custom Knives Knifemaking Custom Leather Crafts Natural Jewelry
    custom knifemaking natural jewelry custom leather work knife sharpening scissor sharpening clipper sharpening kinfe repair
  • Welcome To Polkknives Web Site --
    Custom Handmade Knives Folders Hunting knives Fighters Bowie
  • Welcome to Ruple Custom Knives

  • Welcome To Scatter Creek InfoNet

  • Welcome to Thomas McGuane Co.

  • Welcome to Tomey Custom Knives
    Quality custom knives by Kathleen Tomey at an affordable price.
  • Welcome to

  • Welcome to Washburn Knives

  • Welcome to Yeates' Bowie Knives Website
    Welcome to Yeates Handmade Knives,Handmade Knives Bowies Specialty by Joe A. Yeates, bowie knives, knives collection,,
  • Welcome to Yeates' Bowie Knives Website
    Welcome to Yeates Handmade Knives,Handmade Knives Bowies Specialty by Joe A. Yeates, bowie knives, knives collection,,
  • Welcome to your web site

  • Weston Knives

  • Whitman Knives - Handcrafted Alaskan Custom Knives
    Whitman Knives - Chugiak, Alaska. Whitman Knives is Alaska's premier custom knife crafter. Whitman Knives offer a full line of hunter, skinners, and other one-of-a-kind collectible knives.
  • William Henry Fine Knives - The Art of Knifemaking
    A world-renowned maker of custom handmade knives.
  • Willy B. Custom Sticks and Picks
    We Specialize in Hand-Carved Knives, Walking Sticks and Gun Grips
  • Wilson'sCustom Knives, Engraving, And Scrimshaw

  • Wojtinowski - Metallbearbeitung - Qualitäts-Messerfertigung




  • www.gunfighter928, gungrips, holsters,gun grips, cowboy holster, western holster,custom grips
    Choose any of our fine inlays for your existing grips, or have them put into one of ours. Custom gungrips, holsters, inlay and carving.


  • Artknives - by Claes and Thomas Lofgren
  • www.RichardSWright.Com


  • Zima Knives - Home Page
    Zima Knives. Fine Handmade Knives Since 1982.
  • Zowada Custom Knives

  • ~Hand-Made, Hand-Forged, Hockensmith Knives~.
    I have been forging blades, and making knives for over 18 years. I hand forge my blades using Carbon Steel and my own Damascus, in many styles and patterns. I specialize in knives designed for the outdoorsman...