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Kershaw Knives - A Company Profile

In 1974, Pete Kershaw founded the Kershaw knives company in Portland, Oregon. After three years of starting this company it became the wholly owned subsidiary of KAI Corporation. The Kai group is a premier blade producer in Japan. They started their business way back in 1908. Saijiro Endo was the founder of this company in Japan. At first they manufactured pocket knives. The company he started was Endo Cutlery Manufacturing. In the year 1932 Saijiro Endo took a management position in Seki Safety Razor Company in Japan. For expanding their marketing the KAI group established The Feather Company for wholesale of KAI razors and cutlery. In the year 1958 Mr. Endo was awarded the Japan's Medal of Honor with yellow ribbon for his contribution to his industry. They created a subsidiary in West Germany in the year 1980. They created new offices and warehouses in Portland, Oregon in 1985. In 1998 the KAI introduces the world's first triple blade razor.

KAI Corporation is responsible for the production of cutlery in the USA. The blade smiths who work in KAI are more experienced and many generations are working with them in the production of the knives and blades. The KAI group has a total of around 830 employees and their annual business is around 11 billion yen. KAI USA is located in Oregon.

The products of KAI are guaranteed for the lifetime of the owner who bought the product. These products are of high quality and are free from any defects. You can get your product replaced or repaired if it is found faulty. All you need to give them is the proof of purchase. They manufacture different kinds of products. Each of their products is of high quality. Knives and tools and kitchen cutlery are manufactured in their units.

Multi tools, Ultra-tec sharpener, taskmaster shears, and utility knives are some of the products in the line. Custom knifes from Ken Onion are available with KAI now. Ken is designing some custom knives for KAI. Ken's personal involvement in the production makes sure that the custom made knives are of high quality that he expects. Knives with blades that are interchangeable are also available with them. Models like camp tools, deluxe, sportsman, hunter, fisherman, and Alaskan are available in this category.

Kershaw is more popular for its pocket knives across the country. There many types of pocket knives with different varieties of handles. Among the pocket knives the new model called the speedsafe system of available now. The user can open the foldable knife with a gentle push of the thumb stud of the blade. Among the pocket knives, Ken Onion's contribution is also there. Custom pocket knives made by Ken Onion are also available. DWO's, Classic, Lock-Back, and Lock liner are some of the other sub categories of the pocket knife. Hunting and sports knives, Angler's knives, tactical knives and shears are the other range of products available.

Kitchen cutlery is another area where there are many quality products from KAI. The products are graceful in design and have the sharpest edges you have seen. These make the kitchen tasks very easy and smooth and without any strain on your part. You will love to work in your kitchen with these kitchen cutleries. Shun, Pure Komachi, 6600 Series, and the 9900 Series are the categories available in the kitchen cutlery. Sub categories like Ken Onion, Classic, Alton's Angles, Stainless and Pro are available in the Shun category. The pure komachi category has high carbon stainless steel blades in the knife. These are corrosion resistant and it is very easy to clean them. Unique color schemes and ergonomic handle designs are available in this category of kitchen cutleries.

The 6600 series has handles that are impregnated with anti bacterial agents to prevent the growth of bacteria in the handles. The handles in this series are bamboo powdered to give that bamboo look to the handles. The blades in this series are bead blasted and are of high carbon stainless steel. This series is named Wasabi. The blades are sharpened on one side to give a good performance when they are used. The styling of the blade is like that of the Samurai sword and you get superior performance. The 9900 series has double injection molded handle. They give a soft and firm grip for the knife. The knives can be washed even in a dishwasher. These series of knives are dishwasher safe. This series has AUS6A high carbon stainless steel blades for superior edges in them.

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