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Folding Knives

Folding knives are very easy to carry without getting any nick. The handles of the folding knives are made of different materials. Get a design that suits your taste. There are many types of handles and you have a whole lot of varieties in that to choose from. Folding knives are popular around the world for its portability. It is easy to carry even in your pocket. That is why many people prefer this knife. Campers, hunters, sports person and all people would prefer to have one with them.

There are many manufacturers in the world who produce foldable knives. If we go through alphabetically you can see a lot of manufacturers and all of them cannot be list in this little space. Some of the premier manufacturers are A G Russell Knives, Al Mar Knives, BenchMark, Boker, Buck Knives, Case, Colt Knives, KAI Cutlery, Kershaw, Schatt and Morgan, and Yellowhorse.

If you look at the models available with A G Russell models like Folding Sting, Nail Tool, Grandad's Toothpick, Collectors Club knives, Savage Canoe, Abalone Interframe folder, and Air Weight One handed knife with Coral Rucarta handle are more popular. The air weight version is lightweight and slim and also strong. You may not believe that it is so strong and also being slim. The handles of the air weight model are without liners. It has the Rucarta scales that provide the needed strength to the knife.

Al Mar Osprey & Hawk - limited edition and the general Al Mar Osprey & Hawk are more popular among the Al Mar brands. The limited edition from them has engraved bolsters. The handle is made of Abalone, Black Pear and Stag. The general version of the Al Mar Osprey & Hawk is 3 1/2 inch in size. The size of this knife is midway between a pocketknife and the penknife. This fits in to your trousers easily and hence it can be carried away anywhere. To give the knife a balanced look it has Barlow style bolsters. The black lip pearl from the waters of Tahiti is used in the handles of some models. This makes it unique. There are also other materials that are used in the handles.

Buck knives are also popular among the Americans. There are many models in the Buck knife. Alpha Dorado Folder and Custom folding hunters are some of the popular models. The Alpha Dorado is around 1/3rd smaller than the other alpha models. The blade of this knife is 2-4 inch in size. The frames are of stainless steel. The bolsters of the custom-folding hunters are made of abalone from New Zealand. Usually this abalone is used in jewelry and its presence in the bolster makes is beautiful and unique. Bucks have also manufactured another different model that is more compact to be your key chain. This key chain knife has an LED light and the design is ergonomic. It also has a lanyard hole to attach you key chain to the knife. A Buck Short Revolution is a hybrid knife with anodized aluminum handle. Multiple colors are available. The lightweight handle behaves as the sheath if the knife blade is rotated. With Nickel Silver bolsters the Buck Stockman has three blades in it. This is a traditional pocketknife that is used by many people around the world.

Case is a brand that is more popular among the knife collectors. It is known for its quality and design. There are many models of knives from Case. Some of the popular folded knife models from Case are Tony Base Modified Muskrat, Folders with Azurite, Pearl, and Coral handles, and Ruger Knives. The Tony Base Modified Muskrat has a 4-inch serpentine handle with stainless steel bolsters. The liners and shield are also of stainless steel. The blades of this model are California clip blades and the size of these blades is 2-7/8 inch. The blade edges are good and lasts long for many years to come. Some of the models of Case knives have handles that are made of Azurite, Pearl, and Coral. These models are outstanding in their appearance with the mixture of these azurite, pearl and coral. The different in colors of these make it a unique piece. These models are limited to only 500 in production so that if you are lucky to buy this model then you are one among the 500 people to own this unique collection.

If you are enthusiastic to have a look at the other models from the other manufacturers of folded knives then you can use a good search engine in the internet to locate the manufacturers website and have a look at them. Some of them also provide features to purchase these model through their online stores.

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