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Case Pocket Knives - W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company

Case pocket knives are easy to carry and can fit in even a small pocket. The quality of the blade is very high and hence very reliable. The Case pocket knives are manufactured by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. The company was founded by J.R. Case and before him; his father was involved in the cutlery business since 1889. J.R. Case was called 'Russ' by his friends until his death in 1953. J.R. Case was the authority to make any decision in the company.

It is found that J.R. Case loved farm animals and farming. He owned many farms, the largest called the Red Bird Farm was 916 acres. He also owned many farms in Pennsylvania and New York. He was very inclined towards the manufacturing of knives. It was in his blood. Case knives were initially made by hand but now things are a bit different. His guidelines were taken seriously in handmade quality of the Case knives. This is one of the reasons Case knives are so popular among collectors.

For over one hundred years the company is involved in the handcrafting of premium knives. Case knives are one of the popular collectibles. Different types of knives are manufactured by this company. Some of the categories of knives by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company are pocket knives, sporting / hunting knives and collectibles. Most of the stores that deal with cutlery, sporings goods, and retail stores will have the Case pocket knives in their rack. If you want to see some exclusive stores and retailers for Case pocket knives, you can visit their site which gives an interface to locate a dealer near you. Photographs of the products are displayed in their website which makes it easy for you to select a particular model.

You can find the pattern name, pattern number, blade names, length and weight of the product in their website. 6.5 BoneStag, Amber Bone, Blue Bone, C. Platt's Walnut Bone, Caramel Barn Board, Case Brothers Antique, Chexx, Circle C, and Exotic Azurite are some of the models available for this year. Models like Image XX Wildlife, Image XX War, Jade, Leopard, Lockbacks and Modern Lockbacks are also popular.

Case Collectors Club was formed in 1981 iand s popular among knife collectors. These enthusiasts increase the value of the membership of this club. They strive to produce high quality handcrafted knives. They offer exclusive knives, and limited edition promotions for the unique collectibles. The members share the details of the new products that would hit the market. An official publication called the 'The Case Collector' is used to share this information among them. If you are person who is interested in collecting knives you can join this club which already has more than 18000 members in it. Annual club knives are offered to the members of the Case Collectors Club. Depending on the level of membership the members can purchase the Annual Club Knife. There are three new patterns of knives available for the members depending on their membership. Junior Members can buy the new Baby Doc knife, and the regular members can have the Small Saddlehorn. The life members can buy the new Cheetah Cub. The club also has display units where you as a member can display the collections that you have with you.

Boy Scouts of America and the Ducks Unlimited are the new products that are available under the licensed category. The other knife models that are available in this category are John Deere Burnt Stag, John Deere Green Bone, Orange County Choppers, Ruger Burnt Honey Bone, and the Ruger Burnt Stag. For more of these models refer to the company's website. New offering for the year 2006 are listed in separate pages where you can find a model that you would like to buy and that is different from the previous collection you have. Old models are also available in a separate link.

Dealers of Case Pocket knives can be easily located in your area. You can key in the city or the zip code in the interface provided in the website and find the dealer, in case pocket knife in your area. A map of USA is given in the website you can click on the area in the map to locate a dealer in that area. There are also Master Dealers for Case Pocket Knives. Master dealers are those who have the entire Case Collections with them. They promote the Case brand. You can buy the Case pocket knives online from these master dealers.

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