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The Buck Hunting Knife Company

Buck knives are American made and are known for their quality of blades. These knives are backed with a lifetime guarantee. Hoyt Buck was the one who made the first buck knife in 1902. He was a young Kansas blacksmith apprentice when he did that knife. Hoyt Buck found a new way to retain the edge of the knife for a longer period and this was the better part of the knife making process. He used his imagination to do that. He made many knives during the World War II in his effort to help America. He moved to San Diego and formed the HH Buck & Son in 1947 along with the oldest son Al. From there on Al took care of the company and its production.

When the model 110 Folding hunter was brought to the market in 1964, the Buck brand name came to prominence. From there on the company took a leadership role. At present the fourth generation leads the company under the leadership of Chuck Buck and CJ Buck. Since the knife making family is involved in the management the excellence in quality of the products are still maintained. The customers of Buck knives are varied from hunters to fisherman, hikers to law enforcement officials and people who do the everyday tasks. The company focuses on quality product development and commitment to its customers and dealers.

Buck's products are available for everyday use like peeling an apple or to remove an overdose of tape on a package. The usage of this knife is multi purpose and it is easy to carry in your pocket. It is so compact and functional. The models are also stylish and practical. Everyday knives of Buck come in different categories like single blade pocket knives, multi-use pocket knives, traditional and high tech.

Knives for hunting and fishing are also available from Buck's. You can expect a good performance and reliability in these hunting and fishing knives. Some of the hunting knives can also be used as everyday knives. The hunting knives have good grip and they are not slippery. Different sizes of fish filleting knives are available and these knives are designed in such a manner that they do not slip from your hands when they are wet. Even generations of hunters and fisherman are using the Buck's knives for their jobs. Some of the types available in hunting and fishing category are Fixed Blade, Folding Knives, Gut Hook, Fillet knives, Scissors, Pruners, and Saws.

Hiking, camping, rafting, kayaking, climbing and boating are some of the outdoor activities during which you can use the outdoor knives meant for that purpose. These outdoor knives are also called as sports knife or the recreation knife. A popular mountaineer Peter Whittaker has contributed to the design of the outdoor knives. They are rugged in their design. The series of knives created with Peter Whittaker is called the Buck/Whittaker series. Multi-use knives, folding knives, saws and axes are some of the sub categories in this outdoor category of knives.

For the professionals in law enforcement, military, fire fighting, rescue operations, a special category of knives called the tactical knives are manufactured by Buck's. The tactical knife is also called the survival knife. This is designed for quick deployment and the materials that are used are everlasting. These knives are used in environments where there should not be any failure. Folding knives and fixed blades are some sub categories available in the tactical knives.

Buck's also has limited edition knives which are unique to that particular edition alone. These limited edition knives are passed from generation to generation. The materials that are used in creating the limited edition knives are unique. Materials range from Hawaiian Koa, African Wenge Wood or Stag horn from India. The handles of these limited edition knives have gemstones or wood or bone or anodized. Blades and bolster are engraved uniquely with different shapes of animals or faces or logo and text. These collectibles are work of arts.

Apart from these types of knives Buck's have collaborated with experts in this field to produce knives that are unique to the expert's style. With this collaboration new innovative products are released understanding the needs of the user. The quality and functionality are combined to produce these products. Whittaker is involved in outdoor knives and Strider is involved in the making of tactical knives. Experts like Mayo and Koji are involved in the making of some of the everyday knives and collectibles. Sculpted metals and woods are created by Koji and high-tech design is given by Mayo. Limited editions also have the works of the artists like Yellowhorse.

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